Meet your photographer

While I wasn't born in the midwest, I was raised from a young age in the heart of it. I grew up on a horse farm in the country outside of Galesburg, a small quaint farm town nestled in west central Illinois. My childhood was filled with getting dirty, being lost in the woods, and various outdoor activities including fishing, camping, and riding anything from a horse to a tractor. Things haven't changed much, and in 35 years I'm still getting lost outdoors and coming home dirty, albeit with a camera in hand.

I didn't come from an artistically talented family, though I attribute them for my creative nature and how I see the world. Coloring books turned in to high school art classes, which eventually led to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa. From all of this a life long passion in photography and the outdoors ensued.

In my work I strive to create images that tell a story, not just show a subject. I shoot a wide variety of categories but specialize in wildlife and their natural landscapes. Opening my photography up to a diverse range of categories keeps my creative juices flowing, allowing me to combine different techniques into something unique and engaging. I assume perfection is obtainable and work hard to achieve it in every photograph to the best of my abilities. 

All of the animals I photograph are wild, with the exception of bison. I do not bait or call, and try to be as unobtrusive as possible so they aren't stressed. In return this allows me to photograph their natural movements and witness amazing moments. 

When I'm not wielding a camera in search of a story, you can find me hanging with my wonderful wife and three dogs. Feet kicked up sipping a craft beer, listening to the sounds of backyard birds. Maybe even road tripping in our camper van in search of unknown destinations.

Photography, unlike other mediums, is the only art form that empowers the eye to convey exactly what it witnesses. A fleeting glimpse into the artist's world, in precise form and function to create a lasting impression on its viewer. This is what fuels me to be the best story teller I can be with the camera. 

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